You would not take a trip, without knowing where you wanted to go, and how you were going to get there...
Everybody needs a plan—what's yours?

Gaining and maintaining wealth
is a process driven by discipline and focus.
Thoughtful planning will uncover your valued objectives, verify your targets 
and then round out the rest of your financial architecture.
Strategic Planning
  • Wealth & Retirement Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Tax and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Estate & Legacy Allocation
  • Succession Planning
  • Corporate & Financial Planning

"I appreciated Jamie’s decisive and fact based approach in developing my financial plan. Jamie not only educated me on the thinking behind his recommendations but he also encouraged my input and was always prepared to discuss other alternatives to achieve my goals."

− Barbara Czyzowski , Toronto

"Jonah's careful advice and considerate counsel have helped me consolidate my investments and plan for the future. He is efficient, informed, honest, and resourceful. I highly recommend his services."

− Robert Kozinets, Toronto

"Jamie has been instrumental in helping me with all aspect of planning. He’s gotten to know me well and, working in close connection with my accountant, I feel that he genuinely has my family’s best interests at heart."

− Tammy Johns, Strategy & Talent

"Jonah’s planning support was thorough, insightful and very helpful to me. I have recommended that several friends with similar planning needs work with him. I look forward to working with Jonah again soon."

− E. Marrs, Toronto

The Fundamentals:

There are four primary elements we must consider as we work to define the fundamentals of a sound financial plan...






The Foundations of Planning is how we put the plan together.
These are the building blocks of your plan: Growth, Income, Risk, and Real Estate


Assets that will increase your wealth through capital appreciation, such as taxable securities, a small business, or private equity.


Assets that provide cash flow and defense. They ensure that you can live comfortably and your wealth will be protected from volatility and erosion.


Systematic challenges to your financial plan: understand the downside, reduce those risks, transfer them to another entity, or re-arrange them.

Real Estate

The cornerstone of most successful wealth management programs. Personal, vacation, and commercial/rental are all taxed and run differently.

A process-driven approach empowers clear and confident decisions.

Our Foundations program is designed to capture your entire personal or corporate financial situation, and implement changes that are beneficial to you.
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