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Owner Operator: Employee Benefits

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Owner Operated Business: Employee Benefits

You know how important your employees are to the success of your business.
You wanted a benefits plan that was flexible enough to provide them with the coverage they needed, when they needed it. After reviewing the current plan against the needs of your employees, it was determined that your current benefits plan was falling short of your requirements. We helped you search the market, evaluate and select a new carrier that provided the flexibility you were looking for. We assisted in educating your employees of the new plan and completed the implementation.

Owner Operator: Reap and Invest

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Owner Operated Business: Time to Enjoy
Having divested yourself of the operating business…
it was time to start investing that money to provide you with a robust retirement income. Upon completion of the financial plan, we assisted you in the identification, selection and acquisition of the assets you had decided to invest in.

Owner Operator: Success Story

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Owner Operated Business: The burden of Wealth
Your success in business has left you in the enviable position of having the burden of wealth.
You engaged us to structure your business and personal holding in such a manner as to provide protection, minimize taxation and provide a lasting legacy for your loved ones. Now that that has been achieved, you are in a position to take advantage of other opportunities as they come along.

Group Benefits for Owner Operators: Case Study

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Group Benefits for Owner Operators: A Case Study
You are a successful and growing organization with full time, part-time and contractors on staff…
You want  a plan whose flexibility will meet the changing needs of all your employees and doesn’t require a one size fits all approach. We can help you tailor your benefit offering to each individual group and ensure that future flexibility and cost effective adjustments remain core to your benefits strategy.

Owner Operated Businesses: Poised for Growth

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Owner Operated Business: Poised for Growth
After 20 plus years of renting a facility for your enterprise, you decided it was time to own your own.
We assisted in the purchase/sales negotiations, selecting a builder and provided oversight on the construction project. Since then we have assisted in the acquisition of additional properties surrounding the original land purchase and have developed a rental stable of your own.

Owner Operated Businesses: Pressed for Time

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Owner Operated Business
You have started your own business, are in mid-stream  or have already turned it into a great success.
You have very limited time to look after a wide array of urgent and pressing matters.  The lasting success of your company, the health and welfare of your employees, preserving the wealth you have built for your family and ensuring that your affairs are structured in the most efficient manner possible are all items that are very important to you.