Investment Management
Life is short. Life is Rich.

You have worked hard for everything you have.

When it comes to managing your money, you have a vision of where you want to go — we take care of the rest.
When building a customized portfolio designed for you,
we need to understand three key items:
<br />

  • What are your investment Goals?
  • What is your appetite for Risk?
  • What is going on around us?
We put those three together and deliver a portfolio that is relevant to you and your risk budget
while being relevant and responsive to the real drivers behind returns in a portfolio.

"I could not feel better looked after than I do with Jamie List as my advisor. He always has time to talk, he perfectly understands my goals and my risk appetite, and has consistently given me excellent advice that has my portfolio growing while letting me sleep well at night! I am thoroughly impressed by his market knowledge and even more so by his evident passion for what he does."

− Robert Johnston, Toronto

"Jonah has been great to work with. I value his independence and the care he takes to ensure I understand and support the construction of my portfolio. I also appreciate that his advice takes into account my overall planning needs. I feel like I have an excellent partner to help me reach my objectives."

− M. Fruitman, Toronto

"Bearing’s comprehensive investment process considered the impact of our choices from an estate planning perspective."

− Neil McPhedran, Eramosa Management Services

"I really enjoy working with Jonah on my investments. I appreciate his regular updates and that he takes the time to remind me how the objectives of my account impact my holdings and the adjustments we make. I feel confident I’m getting great advice and support."

− Allison Shaw, Toronto

Simply Put...

Bringing together and then simplifying best-in-class research helps us to understand the road ahead.
Understanding and identifying persistent rewards in your portfolio will get you where you want to go...
Finally, a broad look at strategies allows us to bring greater perspective and more factors to bear on your portfolio.
Shareholder’s equity and coupon payments typically dominate the world’s investment landscape, but are not alone in generating value for investors.

Your return objectives are not “absolute” or “relative.” Your return objectives need to be relevant to your needs. When your portfolio comes together, it will seek to meet a comprehensive outline that we have developed to ensure we meet your investment goals.

We believe it is more profitable to prepare your portfolio for volatility, 
rather than try to predict when and where it will arrive.

We are not alone in recommending strategies that seek to capture reliable elements of returns.
These are time-tested investment themes with thorough research. With this in mind, 
we implement strategies, products and choices that are built for success.
When building portfolios, you can choose amongst a variety of different formats:
  • On-book, direct account management
  • On-book, oversight and allocation
  • Off-book, external manager
It's up to you. Your assets need to be invested and allocated in a way that is meaningful to you. Let us help you get that done.

With this much on the line, you need expert help. One call can set you up.

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